Steps to Success

Steps to Success

This may be one of the most important “steps to success” blogs you read today. For those of you checking in to find an informative step by step numbered instructions on how to be successful, I’m sorry. This is not that post. I implore you, however, to stick around.

If you’re looking for success, you can still benefit from reading.

My husband and I took our boys to the park this afternoon. (It’s relevant; I promise.)

My older son’s favorite park equipment is the tall metal twisty slide. He absolutely loves it! He would slide on it all day if we let him. Thankfully, he’s big enough to climb up the steep metal steps on his own to slide down.

Steps to Success

His little brother, however, is only a year old, and he thinks he is just as big as his brother.  He excitedly runs to the slide steps and starts his climb. He’s seen his brother do this, so he knows what he’s supposed to do. Well, at least he thinks he does.

We, his parents, know that he’s not ready to go on the big slide yet. We let him climb halfway – about as high as we can reach – before putting him back on the ground. He cries and throws a fit, and then, once he sees the steps, he climbs again. This will happen until he’s ready to climb to the top by himself and slide down in blissful glory.

Now, we as adults do this too, especially when it comes to personal success.

We watch others, namely those in the same field as ourselves or in a close relationship to us reaching goals and ultimately succeeding in life. All we see are the basic steps they take to reach their success – setting up websites, marketing, or filling out the proper paperwork – and we think, “Okay, that’s pretty straightforward. I can do that, and then I too will succeed.”

But then something unexpected happens, and we’re set back.

We fail and fail again until we’ve hit rock bottom, just like my little boy being taken off the steps and put back on the ground. We cry and throw a fit until we’re ready to try again. Then we do. We try, and we try again, watching what feels like everyone around us climbing to the top of the steps to the success slide.

What we don’t often understand is maybe we’re not ready. Maybe, just maybe, God sees us, and he knows that we’re not ready. We still have to grow a little more before we can climb to the top of the steps of success.

So, when you get knocked down, when you get discouraged, when you’re defeated and you don’t know why this keeps happening, get back up. Keep working and learning. Get creative and have fun! Keep growing. Because one day you will get there. You will climb those steps. You will reach the top, and you will slide with glory!

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