Rayden Newborn 2017

Rayden Newborn 2017

The following is a compilation of creative photos from Rayden’s newborn session.

Once Upon a time, the world was blessed with baby Rayden.

This stork is very proud to deliver such a special package!

Rayden loves adventures! Is this one of his wondrous adventures or a peaceful dream? You decide.

After playing all night with the fairies, Rayden tuckered out in one of their walnut shell beds.

The fairies decided he needed a proper bed of his own. I can’t think of a more magical bed upon which to take a summer nap.

Because the pieces make the whole more precious! (Overlays from Photographers Unleashed were used in this photo.)

Rayden’s apple picking adventures were so tiring he required a nap.¬†(Overlays from Photographers Unleashed were used in this photo.)

If you enjoyed Rayden’s adventures and would like to create some of your own, Book your session today!

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