The Duckies project is something I came up with to bring fun back into my life.

When I first decided to become a portrait photographer, I began using ideas from my Duckies to nourish my creativity.  Now, I continue this project to keep the fun in my life. So I invite you to bring them into your home and let them do the same for you as well.

These photos always put a smile on my face, and I hope they will put one on yours too.

I decided to have fun instead!

As an adult, life can get hard sometimes. We lose our motivation, our spirit. I got tired of “being an adult” one day. I decided to have fun instead!

(Keychains, Wood Prints, Canvas, Metal Prints, and Ornaments available)

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Duckies Date

(Rose Petals, Fence, and Necklace Purchased from Photographers Unleashed.)

(Light beams Purchased from Photographers Unleashed.)

(Background and wings Purchased from Photographers Unleashed.)

This Backdrop is a Wade Photography handpainted original.

duckies 12

Duckies 31

(Background Purchased from Photographers Unleashed.)

duckies 13

Duckies 30

(Background Purchased from Photographers Unleashed.)

duckies 28

Some of our Ducky backgrounds are also available for your customized for your fine art portrait sessions!

Duckies 29

(Background Purchased from Photographers Unleashed.)

duckies 27

duckies 26

duckies 25

duckies 24

duckies 23

duckies 22

duckies 21

duckies 20

duckies 19

duckies 18

duckies 17

duckies 16

duckies 15

duckies 14

duckies 11

duckies 10

duckies 09

duckies 08

duckies 07

duckies 06

duckies 05

duckies 04

duckies 03

duckies 02

duckies 01

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After enjoying all the Duckies, read about being a creative family photographer in Southeast Arkansas.

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