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Life can get you down sometimes. Bills add up and exceed budgets; technology refuses to cooperate – or worse: dies – when you’re right in the middle of a project. Your toddler is going through a growth spurt at the same time as your baby who is also currently cutting four teeth at once. Clients cancel, the weather is a roller coaster, and there’s simply not enough time in the day to do what needs to be done (or energy for that matter).

But enough of that, I’m sure you have had your fair share of bad days and can recall them anytime, not that you’d want to. When these times hit, it’s really hard to not just throw your hands up, throw in the towel and storm out of the room in a cursing fury to cry alone in a locked room. Sometimes that’s exactly what I feel like doing. But I can’t. Well, I could, but I have to watch my boys (a 3-year-old and an 11-month-old). Given, my three-year-old is fairly self-sufficient for his age, and I am extremely grateful for this. Still, he needs an adult. He needs me, as does his brother. That means I can’t check-out.

That being said . . . How do I “stay in the game”? I take a step back; I get creative; and I focus on the positive, or to be more specific: the fun! Which brings me to my point of this blog (as well as the title): My motto.


Yes, it’s that simple. I know your adult mind is preparing an argument as you read this: “But Cam, I don’t have time for fun.” Or, “That’s not my thing,” among others. And in my worst hours on my worst days, I’d be inclined to agree with you. I mean, aren’t we supposed to be grown-ups?

NO! We’re supposed to be people!

Yes, you still have to go to work and pay your bills: do the things grown-ups do. That doesn’t mean you have to be miserable doing it.


Having kids has been the single most awesome thing to happen in my life! If you know me personally, you know how much I love being a mom and how much I love my boys.

One of the best, and unexpected, experiences from having kids is learning from them. Yes, you heard me right. I learn from my boys every day! Sometimes, I learn things like how much or how fast they’ve grown. Sometimes, I learn my own limits in parenting and temper and how to find solutions to the problems that arise. Yes my kids learn from me too, or at least I hope they do, but my favorite lesson learned during parenthood is: HAVE FUN!


When you get stressed, take a break. Step back, get out of your head, and ask yourself, “When was the last time I had fun?” If the answer wasn’t, “This morning,” or, “yesterday,” drop whatever you’re doing. Or at least change how you’re doing it.

Please, if you’re not having fun cooking, don’t walk away and leave the stove on.

Learn to dance to no beat just because you feel like it. Be silly. Get creative and see the magic in everything! If you’re making your toddler giggle, you’re doing it right! Make a silly noise or a goofy face. Shake your body until you don’t feel like squinting anymore. HAVE FUN! When my three-year-old goes to work with his Daddy (self-employed commercial fisherman), the one thing I always tell him, after “I love you” of course, is: Have fun! And he always shouts back, “I will!” with a big grin and a wave.


Now, I think I could honestly talk about this all night, but It’s time to get my kids into bed and share our “favorite part of the day” (to always end the day on a positive note). So, I will try to wrap this up.

Whatever you’re doing, if you feel “off” or “down,” take a moment to think, “How could I make this fun?”

You may be wondering about the Rubber Ducky photographs thrown randomly into this blog. This is a project I started when I was in one of those “adulting slums”. I’ve collected rubber duckies since I was in high school, and the idea just came to me one day to use them in my photography.

I told my husband, “I really just want to do something that’s fun, something that makes me happy!” He replied, “Okay, then do it.” (My husband is a very straight-forward person.)

So as I lay in the bed unable to sleep, my “Duckies” project was born. I place them in fun, random, little scenes to create whimsical wall art. I do this to remind myself and anyone who purchases them to HAVE FUN.

Goodnight, Sweet Dreams, and HAVE FUN!

Camella Wade

Artist/Owner/Photographer at Wade Photography

P.S. My favorite part of today was building cars with my boys. What was yours?

(If you’re interested in purchasing your very own FUN rubber ducky wall art, please fill out the contact form on the¬†Contact¬†page. You may also call or text me during our open hours.)

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