Johnson Family

The Johnson Family

The following is a story inspired by the beautiful Johnson Family! We had a fun time at their session and creating this unique work of art just for them.

*The following story and pictures are copyrighted by Wade Photography*

Once upon a time, King Myron’s lands were plagued with terrible dragons.

King Myron, Prince Shafton, and the royal wizard Jerimiah had been doing their best to keep their people safe. Their best was no longer enough. The dragons were not dying fast enough. They were still too strong.

King Myron didn’t know how much longer his kingdom would survive like this.

Johnson Family

One dreary smoke-filled night Wizard Jerimiah had been in his tower looking for some way to get rid of the dragons and save the kingdom. He had been in the middle of testing out a newly formed spell when Prince Shafton barged in.

He quickly slammed the heavy wooden door shut behind him knocking a few books off the shelf connected to the same wall as the door.

Johnson Family

Wizard Jerimiah left his wand and potions upon the table and hurried over to help Prince Shafton clean up. “They’re getting stronger,” Prince Shafton whispered. He met the Wizard’s gaze with a look of despair. With no answers for the Prince, Wizard Jerimiah cast his gaze downward toward the pile of books.

Johnson Family

An open page caught his eye.

It was a picture of Amazonian Fairies.

Queen Dianna wore the same flowers around her, and Princess Mya wore royal pink blossoms. They were painted among the trees and vines of their jungle.

Johnson Family

Prince Shafton followed Wizard Jerimiah’s gaze and stared at the picture.

“It is said,” Wizard Jerimiah told Prince Shafton quietly, “that there is not a creature in this world that the Fairy Queen cannot tame.”

They slowly raised their heads and looked at each other.

“Do you think,” Prince Shafton whispered so softly that Wizard Jerimiah barely heard him, “Do you think they are real, the Fairies?”

Johnson Family

Wizard Jerimiah looked from the book to his table and back. Making up his mind, he picked up the book and rose from the floor. He grabbed his wand from the table, turned to Prince Shafton, and said, “There is a way to find out. Get King Myron. Tell him I might have found the solution to our problem.”

King Myron and Prince Shafton met Wizard Jerimiah in the courtyard where he was standing ready with the book of the Fairies in one hand and his wand in the other. With a nod of approval from King Myron, he cast his spell.

The terrible dragons flew higher dodging the bright green light emitted from the wand. An even brighter light appeared in the space above the courtyard. In the blink of an eye, it vanished, and the Fairy Queen and Princess were hovering in its place with an odd white fluffy creature.

Johnson Family

King Myron quickly greeted his new guests and explained the trouble with the dragons, asking Queen Dianna for her help.

Picking up on the urgency of their situation, the fairies agreed to help. They turned to the creature and told it something inaudible. The creature nodded once then took off, headed straight for the stormy dragon-filled sky above.

“Pearl, our fairy pup, can speak to the dragons. We will end this matter quickly,” Queen Dianna said with certainty.

They all watched from below as the dragons circled around Pearl. King Myron, Prince Shafton, and Wizard Jerimiah began to sweat they were so nervous. The fairies, however, waited gracefully for the affair to end.

They didn’t have to wait long. Pearl descended back toward the courtyard followed by all of the dragons. Queen Dianna and Princess Mya flew to meet Pearl and talked with her quietly for a few minutes.

Princess Mya finally returned to the King with a brilliant smile explaining that they need worry no longer. “The dragons were chased from their homeland and were angry and scared. They began attacking anyone they saw until they could establish a new home. Pearl has told the dragons of a land near our home that has been uninhabited for a long time. They agreed to follow us to this land to make a new home and to never bother your kingdom again.


King Myron and Prince Shafton thanked the fairies and Pearl. “We are forever in your debt. You are welcome in our kingdom anytime. Thank you!” Before they could say anything more, Wizard Jerimiah cast his spell to reopen the portal.

The fairies accepted the thanks and returned through the portal taking the dragons with them.


Johnson Family

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